Wendy V Ingman The Annual Scientific Meeting of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology 2013

Wendy V Ingman

A/Prof Wendy Ingman is a breast health researcher with 20 years’ experience studying breast cancer, breastfeeding and breast development. She leads the Breast Biology & Cancer Unit at the Robinson Research Institute, University of Adelaide. She has a PhD in biomedicine, and has developed new mouse models for mastitis, breast density, and breast changes over the menstrual cycle to investigate the underlying biology of disease states in the breast. In 2011 she moved into clinical research when she relocated her lab to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which is a public hospital associated with the University of Adelaide and home to the largest breast cancer surgical unit in South Australia. She established a national collaboration called “InforMD” in 2016 to foster improved community knowledge about breast density and breast cancer screening. InforMD has been critical to progressing breast density policies in Australia, resulting in substantial health impacts. Wendy now leads research that integrates biomedical, clinical and public health approaches to develop new preventative strategies and improved diagnostics, imaging and treatment for breast cancer and other breast conditions.

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