Jarmon G Lees The Annual Scientific Meeting of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology 2013

Jarmon G Lees

Jarmon joined St Vincent’s Institute in 2018 as a member of the Cardiac Regeneration Group after completing his PhD in the School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne. Jarmon's research examines the role of cardiac microvascular disease in the rare genetic disease Friedreich’s Ataxia, and using stem cells to generate 3D human cardiac organoid models comprising neurons and vasculature to study cardiomyopathy and arrhythmia. Dr Lees has successfully attracted competitive national and international grant funding including a Young Investigator Award from the National Ataxia Foundation (USA) in 2019, a CASS Foundation Medical Research Grant in 2019, and a grant from the St Vincent’s Hospital Research Endowment Fund in 2019. In 2019, Jarmon was a Victorian finalist in the British Council’s FameLab contest, communicating his research on cardiovascular disease.

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